Marc Vallée self-portrait, Newark, New Jersey, 1998.

Marc Vallée (b.1968) is a London-based documentary photographer. Self-published zines and photobooks held in the collections of Tate Britain, Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), Museum of London, Martin Parr Foundation and Maison Européenne de la Photographie (MEP). Prints held in public and private collections including Museum of London.

“Today, Vallée’s work predominantly focuses on the lives of people that navigate the margins of the nocturnal landscape, and those often at odds with the structured flow of neoliberal cities. His subjects are often young, male social transgressors; from graffiti writers and sex workers to activists and urban explorers, they disrupt the capitalist system while in pursuit of their own desires and identities. The fleeting way in which these individuals drift in and out of Vallée’s lens is a testament to his empathetic eye as a documentary photographer. He himself is found at the heart of his photographs; relationships and friendships manifest in the autobiographical nature of the images, where private and public worlds meet.”
- Andrew Finch, Elephant Magazine, 2020.

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“Marc Vallée is one of my favourite contemporary photographers. Many artists are photographing the young, but Vallée’s work is exceptional and solitary, avoiding the kneejerk tendency to either define the young through their fashion sense or create the impression of communing with them by smothering them with fashionable aesthetics. His photographs are fully interested in their subjects, somehow more respectful of their beauty and emotions and, at the same time, more invasive of their privacy than any other youth oriented images out there. Vallée’s work is ravishing, noble, unique, and irresistible.”
- Dennis Cooper, Paris, 2006.

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