LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM – 15.06.08. A police photographer, in full riot gear, films and photographs protesters during a demonstration against George W. Bush during the U.S President’s visit to London on Sunday 15 June 2008, London, England.  Protesters had been ‘banned’ by the police from demonstrating outside Downing Street to protest against the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. (Photo by Marc Vallée/ (c) Marc Vallée, 2008. All rights reserved.

Marc Vallée co-authored a series of front page investigations on police surveillance of protesters and journalists for the Guardian and Financial Times from March 2009 to June 2010. The investigations exposed secret police databases and covert state targeting of environmental activists.

While working as a photojournalist documenting political protest and dissent during the years 2005 to 2012 Marc witnessed police tactics and surveillance of protesters close up. That experience led to these investigations.

Front page of the Guardian | 7 March 2009.
Revealed: police databank on thousands of protesters | 6 March 2009.

Guardian | 7 March 2009.
Caught on film and stored on database: how police keep tabs on activists | 6 March 2009.

'UK plc can afford more than 20 quid,' the officer said | 25 April 2009.

Fit Watch: watching the watchers | 21 June 2009.

Fit Watch campaigners describe how they were arrested and bundled to the ground | 21 June 2009.

A full list of Marc’s Guaridan articles and comment pieces can be found here.

Financial Times | 17 October 2009.
Met under fire over picture database | 17 October 2009.

Police image library raises Orwellian concerns | 17 October 2009.

Police use of protest photos will face review | 30 June 2010.

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM - 02.05.08. A civilian police photographer films and photographs working journalists during an anarchist protest outside London’s City Hall on Friday 2 May 2008 in London, England. The Conservative candidate for mayor Boris Johnson was elected later that night with 53.2% of the vote beating the incumbent Labour mayor Ken Livingstone. (Photo by Marc Vallée/ (c) Marc Vallée, 2008.

All images © Marc Vallée. All rights reserved.