Documenting Paris
Retramp Gallery, Berlin
Friday 26 July - Sunday 28 July, 2019

Group exhibition and multiple publication launch held at the Retramp Gallery in Berlin of Paris based work by Marc Vallée, BadYear85, Thomas Von Wittich and Émilie Désir. 

“Brassaï’s Paris After Dark has always been in the mix for me,” Vallée tells us. “Of course the subject matter resonates – especially the lone ‘underworld’ figures on street corners. But it’s the lighting and mood that blows me away. So before shooting Down and Up in Paris I decided to take a more considered look at the book. When I was shooting the writer tagging a wall at 4am in the rain I had Brassaï knocking around in my head. For me it’s a respectful nod to the past at the same time as documenting something uncompromisingly contemporary.”
- HERO Magzine, 2019.

Marc presented zine and large DIY paper prints in the group exhibition.

BadYear85 is a Paris-based photographer and co-founder of the independent publishing house « Editions Nuit Noire ».

B.Y.85 showcased a handmade zine « Ici c’est Paris ! » which brought together a collection of black & white photographs of the French capital. Through the publication we see his daily life on the streets of the city which testifies to a unique singular atmosphere that is Paris. B.Y.85 also presented a selection of images in the group exhibition.

Thomas Von Wittich is a German reportage photographer currently based in Paris whose work is focused on documenting the urban art scene of the city.  He is best know for his Berlin Kidz series Adrenaline that documented the ‘infamous, fearless, even crazy’ Berlin graffiti crew.

Thomas showcased his new zine of unpublished pictures of the Paris graffiti and train surfing scene. Thomas also presented a selection of the images in the group exhibition.

Émilie Désir is a Paris-based photographer who is currently focused on documenting the ‘Gilets Jaunes’ protests in Paris. Her recent publications include Genesis Lacrima published by « Editions Nuit Noire » and the self-published Marbre, 322.1.

Émilie showcased her new publication « Phénix » on the ‘Gilets Jaunes’ protests. Émilie also presented a selection of the images in the group exhibition.

All images © Marc Vallée. All rights reserved.