UPDATE: Unfortunately we have had to postpone this exhibition and the new date is now Thursday 21 July 2022.

Marc Vallée: Documenting Thierry, Retramp Gallery, Berlin, July, 2022.

French male sex worker and political activist Thierry Schaffauser, London, 2012. © Marc Vallée.

Retramp Gallery will present an installation of Marc Vallée’s 2017 self-published zine Documenting Thierry of french male sex worker and political activist Thierry Schaffauser.

Opening night: 19:00-22:00, Thursday 21 July 2022.
Retramp Gallery, Reuterstrassse 62, Berlin, 12047.
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“Ok, so, my name is Thierry Schaffauser, I’m a sex worker, or a whore if you want, I’m queer, I’m a drug user, I’m a migrant, and recently I’ve read something about sexual addiction so maybe I will claim that as well! What I’m doing in terms of political activism I do, particularly everything, for freedom. Which is related to sexual minorities.  I started activism with Act-Up in Paris around HIV politics. I’m very involved with sex worker activism, queer activism, things like that...”  - Thierry Schaffauser, London, 2012.

The out of print publication is held in the Tate Britain and Martin Parr Foundation collections.

All images © Marc Vallée. All rights reserved. Enquiries: studio@marcvallee.co.uk