Marc Vallée - London & Paris 2011-2018
Metro Imaging, London
14 September - 21 December 2018

Solo exhibition curated by Steve Macleod held at Metro Imaging, London in 2018. Prints from Writers, Number Six, Vandals and the City, The Graffiti Trucks of Paris and The Graffiti Trucks of London were presented together for the first time. 

List of works (PDF).

“Disruptive; dirty; honest and essential - this is how I would describe Marc Vallée's practice. Marc brings our focus into sharp relief, exploring a world that is frequently overlooked and more often misunderstood. However you do not have to fully understand the nocturnal world that Marc and his subjects often occupy, as there is a serene poetry in every image that goes beyond documentary recording.” - Steve Macleod, HERO magazine, 2018.

Installation images by Alexander Christie.

All images © Marc Vallée. All rights reserved.