“Disruptive; dirty; honest and essential - this is how I would describe Marc Vallée's practice. Marc brings our focus into sharp relief, exploring a world that is frequently overlooked and more often misunderstood. However you do not have to fully understand the nocturnal world that Marc and his subjects often occupy, as there is a serene poetry in every image that goes beyond documentary recording.” - Steve Macleod, HERO Magazine, 2018.

Marc Vallée: London & Paris 2011-2018 brings together for the first time images from Writers, Number Six, Vandals and the City, The Graffiti Trucks of Paris and The Graffiti Trucks of London. A unique solo exhibition curated by Steve Macleod

Marc Vallée: London & Paris 2011-2018.
Friday 14 September - Friday 21 December 2018.
Metro Imaging,
32 Great Sutton Street,
London, EC1V ONB.

List of work (PDF). 

Enquire for price list: studio@marcvallee.co.uk.

Installation images by Alexander Christie.

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